You maybe wanting to look classy when you appear amongst your peers that probably do not notice you at any one time even when you in your bet attires. This is the secret; get yourself this up-to-the-minute watch, the Citizen Gent's Perpetual Calendar Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch AT4007-54E.

​​It is a watch that only hit the market last year but loads of thousand pieces have been purchased to date having become the most sought after watch. It is hunted by many who want to combine technology, advancement, functionality, performance, tastes and designs. The color combination on it is the first thing you will notice and that which will give you a great impression because it looks just bright.

Talking of first impressions, your attention will be caught by the workmanship which has given this watch a true finishing with the combination of black and white colors. Anyway these are men’s colors so you expect that they will look refined. This is the ideal watch for those men that are color blind since these are the colors most of them will recognize. However it has its other strong features like the non reflective sapphire glass that makes it stand and remain strong.

Being a revolutionalised watch, it does not require the battery since it will receive natural lighting to charge it. If it is about to run out of power you will get an alarm and the power reserve will show you much long its functionality will last with what amount of charge. By the way it is environmental friendly with a very trouble free status in terms of maintenance. For the little time it has been in the market, it has continually been rated as an exceptional watch. The fact that it can also receive updates of official time in 5 different zones since it is radio controlled also makes it a unique watch.

Its features just make the watch sell itself even before you are given its operational manual. Other notable aspects include a perpetual calendar and alarm of chronograph that will show you time and date. Hence if you want to experience more superiority from it and lots of time keeping accuracy, this is the watch you should look out for. You will love it and you will tell others about it. Don’t let the offer in the market pass out and you will only be hearing about it from your friends. It is an amazing product. This is no secret.

Citizen Gent's Perpetual Calendar Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch AT4007-54E
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If you do not buy this watch from an "official stockist" then your warranty is void. You can buy this from an official UK stockist with free next day delivery for just £309 by clicking below and using discount code CITIZENRC or OFFER6 at checkout.
£289 (official stockist)

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