Besides our physical looks on which we will mainly be rated on, we can also be rated on the physical items on our bodies like jewelry and our hairstyles as well. While we may buy jewelry everyday because of the variety aspect it is not likely that you will buy a watch daily given the fact that a brand like Citizen Gent's Perpetual Calendar Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch AT4008-51E will sweep you off your feet because of its stunning and strong standing specs.

​​ More often than not women will get into beauty shop and pick this and that so long as it fits them at that moment and probably they have something to match it back at home.

This may seem ideal for them but it is totally different for men. They will not rush into buying things even when they have the money. Why? Because they have their fashion which they would want to maintain and the reason many would wait for days and months so long as they get this kind of an artistic watch. You will not find with many people but that one piece you will find, the following features will drive you crazy and even if you don’t buy it immediately you will start making a budget for it:
  • The eye – catching finishing that is done using an advanced process of ion plating. The titanium nitride used on it makes it hardy and stable thus it becomes a durable masterpiece of art.
  • The 43 millimeter steel case compliments its beauty while giving it a decorative element. This case is additionally glossy and of style which makes it a high end watch. 
  • Its perpetual calendar display the date correctly taking into consideration the lengths of the months as well as leap years.
  • The best feature for this watch is that it is of eco – drive technology hence it easily works without a battery because it can use rechargeable one with ease. Probably you did not know that an overhead light in any room can sustain the continued charging of this watch. This is besides the power reserve on it that will indicate to you the amount of power left hence you will be set to charge it again. 
It is only from Citizen Company that you will get these brands of watches hence do not be fooled around by imitators who take advantage of the customer’s needs, tastes and preferences.

Citizen Gent's Perpetual Calendar Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch AT4008-51E
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