Citizen AT4110-55E Men’s Nighthawk: Combines Traditional Excellence with Modern Style

Citizen has long been one of the major manufacturers of quality watches in the world. For decades, this popular brand has produced a long list of incredibly functional and beautiful wristwatches for people all over. They once again unveiled another addition to their list of superb watches and it is the Citizen AT4110-55E, more commonly known as the Men’s Nighthawk.
The Citizen AT4110-55E is a fusion of traditional and modern concepts. It instils the traditional, high quality, watch making expertise, which placed the Citizen brand among the top watchmakers in the world, while seamlessly including modern style to fit this modern age. Citizen has also included a bit of technology into the mix resulting in a watch design that surpasses many of its contemporaries.

What will people expect on the new Citizen AT4110-55E?

This new wristwatch offers a plethora of functions making it a must-have for anyone. It is made out of quality stainless steel, which is a trademark of Citizen Watches. It also has sub-displays such as a perpetual calendar, power reserve indicator, date display, glowing markers and hands and a 24-hour sub dial. Its precision time-keeping is made possible by atomic quartz and also includes an alarm.

It is water resistant up to 200 metres, which is perfect for scuba divers wanting to remain classy and stylish even under water and recommended for people who are into water sports. Its strong stainless steel strap ensures that this timepiece will not fall apart even under intense use.

It is also an eco-friendly timepiece as it utilises light power to maintain its electronic functions through is Eco-Drive technology. It is one of the best innovations Citizen Watches has included, making the “Nighthawk” a one of a kind design everybody must have. Through this technology, this watch can be powered both by artificial or solar light, making use of almost limitless source of energy. It is truly a nature-friendly watch with style.

Another feature that makes the Citizen AT4110-55E a great watch for athletic and outdoors kind of a person is its tough Sapphire crystal glass. This makes scratches almost impossible to make as it hard surface prevents it. It is perfect for people who are always on the go or who likes to travel all around. It is a great outdoors companion during hiking or camping as its water-resistant features makes it a truly all-around use watch.
The Citizen AT4110-55E, Men’s Nighthawk is truly one of the best designs Citizen has made. It perfectly fuses technology, functionality, style and excellence into a small, 24 mm wide time-keeping device. Citizen is one of the best makers of wristwatches and through this design; they again proved their excellence once more.

Citizen AT4110-55E Men’s Nighthawk
Citizen Watches
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