If you are looking for a watch that you can use in your day to day activities despite what you are doing whether sports or not the Citizen Gent's Royal Marines Commando Watch BN0110-06E is what you should running after. You ought to get yourself this time piece right away because you will be surprised and what features you will get from it. It is a perfect display of a watch for you despite your background, your tastes and preferences and the occasion you are attending.

First of you will notice the Sapphire glass at the top that protects from any scratch damages. Its hands glow in a way you cannot expect and it is built with a black circle analog dial which automatically gives you a clear view. You will not miss out on the black canvas strap that is surely of ease in tying and will also sooth your wrist.

​​It doesn’t matter where you are because whether you have a spare battery or not you can still recharge the same battery using the natural lighting from whatever source. Whether the sunlight or from a room. Its design is what really makes it tick being of old school that makes it easily acceptable amongst many others.

​Just from a distance, it of a classical appeal with technological advancement that probably you have not experienced before. Looking at it you will get more of a military inspiration just from the way it is built. When it comes to making it durable and stand hard conditions, the Citizen manufacturer did justice to it because it is contracted in a way that it is shock proof and water proof of 300 meters.

Thus it is more suitable for those who love adventure especially in the dark. This will be an excellent companion. The strap for this watch is of quality that you cannot believe. It is so excellent such that you need not to be worried about tear and wear.

​​One strong feature for this watch is that it will be an investment for you because you will get away with a 5year warranty thus there is value for your money. After all the warranty will be your security if it does not meet your expectations. So far this watch is selling like a hot snack that has just landed the market. It has since been added to the class of luxurious items that you will not want to miss out on.

Citizen Gent's Royal Marines Commando Watch BN0110-06E
Citizen Gent's Royal Marines Commando Watch BN0110-06E Video
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If you do not buy this watch from an "official stockist" then your warranty is void. You can buy this from an official UK stockist with free next day delivery for just £202 by clicking below and using discount code CITIZEN13 OR OFFER6 at checkout.

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