The Citizen Men’s Navihawk, Stainless Steel, Black Dial Watch (model JY8030-59E) is a masculine design for the man looking to impress others with his robust watch design. This detailed watch garners a handsome look and is packed with features crammed in its oversized circular dial. The stainless steel strap with a black dial contrasts nicely without being too obtrusive to the eye. It is an understated, but refined look which is great for the professional world.

The Citizen Men’s Navihawk, Stainless Steel, Black Dial Watch is packed with features. There are glowing hands as well as glowing baton hour markers which make the display easier to see at night. The glowing LED lights improve the visual situation. The chronograph can keep time well when competing against other men in various contests. The radio controlled atomic time syncing makes sure the user never has to adjust the time even when they move to different parts of the world. There are 43 cities synced with Citizen Watches. The day and date display work in concert with the 24 hour display and the perpetual calendar. The power gauge keeps an eye on the battery. The battery is easily chargeable by solar power in line with the Eco-Drive technology utilized by Citizen Watches.

The Citizen Men’s Navihawk, Stainless Steel, Black Dial Watch is perfect for the hard to please man. The performance is top notch. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters (or about 660 feet). The screen is anti-reflective making seeing in the sun just as easy. There are more features than can ever be mentioned or used and all of them are covered by the Citizen’s five year warranty. This watch is great for everyday use or to impress the boys at work or on a campout with the gadget capabilities. The stainless steel strap adds durability which is needed in a number of situations. The digital and analog combination display is great for versatile users. The single alarm is useful to remember important times a day. The case width is 48mm which means the watch is well protected.

The Citizen Men’s Navihawk Stainless Steel, Black Dial Watch has whatever a man needs in a watch. The watch looks great on a wrist and works well enough to be worth carrying along during the day. This watch appeals to both men who focus on form as well as those who focus on function.
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