The Citizen Men’s Navihawk Red Arrows RC Limited Edition Watch (model JY8040-55E) is incredibly detailed. This is a watch built for versatile use and an aeronautical feel. This is a great watch for pilots or those who want to look like they are flying. The limited edition model comes with a stainless steel bracelet and an oversized case. The black dial was chosen to show off the athletic inclined red detailing. With the purchase also comes a free pair of Serengeti Aviation sunglasses.

The Citizen Men’s Navihawk Red Arrows RC Limited Edition Watch has glowing hands and baton hour markers for easy to read time in the dark. The LED lights can be activated to make the watch easier to read. The dual alarm function is rare to find in watches. The precision atomic time keeping function is radio controlled which means the time adjusts itself depending on what time zone it is found in (43 cities are synced with Citizen watches). There is a perpetual calendar function which is tracked by the day and date display. There is a 24 hour display as well as a chronograph which acts as a stop watch. The Eco-Drive function is solar powered which means being in the sun allows for the batteries to charge. There is a power gauge which helps the wearer to keep track of their battery.

The Citizen Men’s Navihawk Red Arrows RC Limited Edition Watch is a watch for gadget lovers. The anti-reflective screen makes all displays and hands easy to read. The watch itself is resistant to water up to 200 meters (about 660 feet). There is, of course, the Citizen’s five year warranty. There are a lot of features to discover with this watch. Reading the 119 page manual will help decipher what exactly is possible with the watch.

Existing Citizen watch owners will love the Citizen Men’s Navihawk Red Arrows RC Limited Edition Watch. Fans of the Skyhawk will appreciate this new design. The circular dial display is larger, but is not too heavy for the wrist and in general this is a comfortable watch to wear. Anyone who is familiar with other Citizen watches will ease nicely into the use of this model of watch. The stainless steel strap compliments the watch much better than polyurethane (rubber) straps. This gadget style watch is a compliment itself to the man looking to impress those around him.

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